Terms and conditions

By sending a payment to reserve your vendor space at The Marketplace in East Nashville, you are acknowledging that you have read the following terms and conditions; you are also agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Sending payment to reserve your space is thereby agreement to our terms and conditions listed below:

Thank you for your interest in vending with The Marketplace in East Nashville! The event is managed by The Contour Group, LLC and the venue is managed by The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons, LLC. Please read each section of this form.

Payment for Vendor Reservation

Vendors agree to pay for their space in advance via the online Portal/Paypal. If you are vending on multiple dates, you will pay for each date separately, unless you are signing up for an entire calendar month in advance. In the event that you are vending for an entire month, one payment can be made in total. 

The price of booth space is $50.00 per day for food and non-food vendors for a 10x10 indoor space.  

Food Vendors

For vendors selling food made in the home kitchen, the food has to be non-potentially hazardous, meaning it could be stored at room temperature. There are specific regulations in place for food being sold that is made in the home kitchen, all of which are required at The Marketplace. For more information about Tennessee's Domestic Kitchen Laws, please click here.  

All food items packaged in a domestic kitchen must be properly labeled prior to sale. The following, at a minimum, must be present on all food items:

  • A. The name, street address, city, state and ZIP code of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. 
  • B. An accurate statement of the net amount of food in the package in English and Metric units (e.g. ounces and grams) 
  • C. The common or usual name of the food. 
  • D. The ingredients in the food in order of predominance by weight. 
  • E. Lot dates or numbers shall be evident on each package or container of food for traceability purposes in the event an issue occurs that may require a market withdrawal of the food. A current distribution list including quantities sold may also be of assistance should an incident occur.
  • F. The package must have verbiage stating that the product did not come from a regulated food establishment. 

Vendors may not leave food overnight unless it is kept in an air-tight container. If food is left out after the market hours, it may be disposed of by the event managers.

Vendors assume sole responsibility for any injury, harm, or illness caused to a consumer by their product.

Vendor Space

Each vendor space measures 10 ft. x 10 ft. Vendors are responsible for providing their own booth setup. The vendor is responsible for their own tables, chairs, and displays. The vendor is responsible for bringing any necessary display equipment and signage. The Marketplace does not provide any materials for the vendor to set up their space. 

Set Up & Breakdown 

The Marketplace hours are Saturdays & Sundays from 11am to 5pm. If a vendor is doing a Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend, the vendor may leave their booth set up overnight. Vendors will be given time slots to select for Set Up via SignUp Genius prior to the event. Vendors must have their booths set up by 11:00am and may not break down their booths until 5:00pm. No exceptions. Breakdown must be finished by no later than 6:30pm.  If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the vendor does not breakdown their booth, the vendor agrees that The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons is not held responsible for any loss or damage done to the vendor’s property or merchandise. Breaking down of booths early may result in denial of future applications to vend at any Contour Group Events.  


Vendors to Clean/Tidy Spaces After the Market

All vendors are responsible for cleaning up their booth space when the day is over. Example: You sell potted plants and leave soil all over your spot; you are responsible for getting a broom and sweeping it up. Vendors must clean any debris / detritus left over from their day of vending. All big garbage + boxes must be left near the dumpster roll-up door at the end of the day and not stuffed into or left next to a garbage can. Large messes left uncleaned are subject to a $5.00 cleaning fee that must be paid before the next day of vending. 

Code of Conduct

While vending at The Marketplace in East Nashville, vendors are expected to behave in a professional manner. Vendors agree to abide by rules and regulations set forth by nearby businesses, government officials, The Contour Group, and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons. Vendors agree to refrain from playing music within their booths (unless they have been given permission by the even managers), which may interfere with the business or agenda of nearby vendors or The Marketplace. 

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Once a vendor’s space has been paid for, there will be absolutely no refunds given upon vendor cancellation. The Marketplace in East Nashville is open rain or shine. In cases of extreme weather, the event will be cancelled at the discretion of the event managers and a roll over date will be issued.  

Right to Refuse Vendor Applications and Payments

The vendor, upon sending payment, understands that The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons, LLC reserve the right to refuse and refund any vendor applications, payments, or reservations at any time and for any reason. In the event that the vendor’s application has been refused or denied, any payments that the vendor has made for upcoming dates will be refunded upon refusal/denial and at the discretion of The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons, LLC. 


Vendor Payments That are Made Without Filling Out Vendor Identification Form

 The vendor agrees to fill out the the vendor identification form immediately before or after making payment (unless the vendor has record of already vending at The Marketplace in East Nashville, the East Nashville Night Market, or the Food Truck Feast in East Nashville). If the vendor fails to provide their vendor information via the application form, their space is not confirmed and therefore can be denied on the booked date. 



No Direct Sales Vendors’ Payments Via Online Portal

We DO NOT accept Direct Sales vendors' payment through our online portal, including but not limited to Paparazzi, Pink Zebra, Color Street, Plunder, Pampered Chef, AVON, Mary Kay, Lula Roe, Lila Rose, etc. If you are a vendor with a direct sales company such as this, you will be refunded and charged a 2.9% charge-back fee per Paypal’s policies.  If you are such a vendor and are interested in vending at The Marketplace, email so that we are sure not to double-book reps from the same company.


The vendor agrees that the following are prohibited from The Contour Group and The Marketplace grounds:  

• Items that are racist or culturally insensitive 

• Materials that are pornographic or are explicitly sexual in nature 

• Items that are stolen or counterfeited 

• Food or merchandise that has been recalled 

• Food, drink, concession items, or merchandise unrelated to the vendor’s business that have not received pre-approval from The Contour Group.

The vendor agrees that The Contour Group & The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons reserves the right to prohibit any items being sold, traded, or given away.  

The vendor acknowledges that inspections of merchandise might be made throughout the day to ensure quality for the customers and consumers, as well as for the overall aesthetic of The Marketplace.

Photo Release

The vendor agrees to release the rights to any photos taken of his or her person, likeness, and/or merchandise while at The Marketplace in East Nashville.


Insurance, Risk, Loss, Liability, and Hold Harmless Agreement

Vendors assume sole risk of loss, theft, or damage to their merchandise and property while on The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons’ grounds. Vendors acknowledge that The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons’ associates are not responsible for insuring the safety of vendors or for protecting the merchandise of vendors from loss, damage, theft, accident, or other miscellaneous causes. The vendor acknowledges that The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons advises vendors to purchase insurance in order to protect from such losses. The vendor agrees to hold harmless The Contour Group, The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons, and their associates for any loss, damage, legal liability, or consequences thereof. The vendor agrees to assume responsibility for any loss, damage, theft, accident, or negligence done to their persons, the public, business, goods, or merchandise. The vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Contour Group and The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons and their associates from any liability damage, cost, or expense arising from: (A.) Vendor’s use of or activities in or around the vendor’s space(s) or The Marketplace @ Skyline Commons’ grounds and/or (B.) Injury to persons or property resulting from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to: canopy weights, any furniture or fixtures in the vendor’s space, merchandise, other property, items sold or exchanged by vendor (this includes any food-related illness, harm, or injury caused by food prepared in the home kitchen) . Vendors assume full responsibility for all their transactions and merchandise.  All vendors agree that the Marketplace @ Skyline Commons LLC and The Contour Group LLC can use photos of their booth and/or merchandise for promotional purposes related to the events.